Common Sense Is Elusive

What Took So Long

Thank Our Farmers
Thank Our Farmers

For the first time in history, wheat bread consumers outnumber white bread consumers, 2.6 Billion to 2.5 Billion.

There is virtually nothing in white bread that can boast being beneficial.

Wheat bread has a long list of benefits. Always has.

What took so long.

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Lane 8 Food Pyramid

Eat More Cheesecake?
Eat More Cheesecake?

Anyone out there disagree that diet and exercise are a good way to control and maintain decent health?

Anyone not heard of the Food Pyramid?

Okay, so these things are well-known common knowledge, right?

What’s at the base, the foundation, of the the food pyramid?

Then explain to me please, why is it that people will pick apart a sandwich and eat the meat and discard the bread?

Not trying to make anyone feel bad, I’m seriously trying to understand this. It confusing and bewildering.

Do these people know something that the rest of the scientific nutritional world is clueless to?