Run over by a bus

Disney Leadership Executive Speakers
Feeling amazingly vibrant 24 hours ago – yesterday giving a keynote speech.


Run over by a bus is the best way to describe what last night and this morning felt like. Healthy and feeling great one minute, the next it’s like a tidal wave.

Am reminded how insanely wealthy we are when we constantly feel healthy.

Reminded how painfully challenging it is when we do not.

The chills were so intense last night, had to wear a heavy sweatshirt. In and out of sleep the entire night, with intense body aches.

Health is wealth is the understatement of the century.

There will be no track or gym workout today.

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Hello Lane 8 readers.  It’s 3:30PM here in Central Florida.  It’s also Friday.  Woo-hoo!

However, I’m sick and just woke up.  There may be a post here later today, but it’s doubtful.  Need to fall back to sleep.

Sleep is a great painkiller.

For now, thank you for visiting and wishing you a great Friday, full of good health and a good workout, and good choices with your food, and your rest.

Workouts are anything that challenges you to use your body at least a little more than usual.  As simple as parking in the back of the parking lot versus the front.