Lane 8 Optimism

What can we learn from defeat, loss, failure? Many things to be sure. But only if we try hard to learn from setback. And only if we listen. And only if we then try again. Are you listening? And I don’t mean, “Sleigh bells ring, are you listening”. I mean, are you the kind of […]

Lane 8 Succeeds Due to Failure

Lane 8 is successful because Lane 8 is a failure. Huh?  Exactly. I could try and explain it to you, but you already know what I’m talking about, don’t you?  If you are confused, this 30-second You Tube video should clear it up: There, that’s the point of this Lane 8 message today. We succeed […]

Dream Big

The original tag line for Lane 8 was: Dream Big.  Get There.  Stay There. Take your time but hurry up.  The clock is ticking. And remember to go a little easy on yourself.  But not for long though. Coaches push others to their limits. We must learn to do this with ourselves.  What do you […]

Reality Check

Reality check.  Being on the road all week has taken a toll on my wellness efforts. Lack of sleep, lack of exercise and lack of proper nutrition adds up quickly for my body.  At 50, routine is more important than ever. An object in motion, tends to stay in motion.  An object at rest, tends […]