Maybe It's Impossible

Where’s Your Compelling Reason?

Your Clock Is Ticking
Your Clock Is Ticking

Have you found it? It’s much closer than you think.

And you must find your compelling reason to be healthier.

Hint, truly, it must be for someone other than yourself, or you will fail.

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Impossible Is For Amateurs Maybe It's Impossible

The Two Secrets Revealed

The Magic Formula Is Hard Work
The Magic Formula Is Hard Work

This will frustrate some of you, because what’s missing in these two secrets is the how to do it.

You want someone to come along and tell you how you should do things. “Just give me the silver bullet.” I know, I feel the same way.

Wake up people. You MUST find your own way. And another secret, your way will need to change through the years. There is no one right way.

But for now, more than anything else, here are your top two secrets:

  1. You MUST get started
  2. You MUST never quit

Happy to reveal these secrets to you, free of charge no less.

Have a nice, healthy day. It’s totally up to you.