The department of no

Walked 5 miles to Magic Kingdom yesterday. Bus photo here is from walk to Disney’s Contemporary Resort to catch an Uber.

The department of no.

Responsible for no…

No excuses.

No blaming.

No waiting.

No apathy.

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Truth or dare?

Sean White at Sochi Opening ceremony
Our goals don’t have to be of Olympic proportions, but they do need to stir our souls


Truth or dare?


Dare you to tell the truth?

Ok, truth be told, without a serious goal and coupled with our seriously busy lives, our exercise routines will be very challenging to believe in.

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How To Slay The Excuse Whisperer, To Save Your Life

Symbols and metaphors are under rated, especially for personal health and wellness goals.

To save yourself from a lifetime of frustration from starting and quitting, you must slay the excuse whisperer one bad habit at a time. Each day we procrastinate is a victory for the devil. Each day we act is a personal victory.

Insight: Winning and losing are both contagious.

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