What happens when we arrive where we used to be?

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Yesterday’s track workout covered many miles for a sprint workout.


What happens when we arrive where we used to be when we were younger?

We get all giddy. Right?

And why is that?

Is it because it’s exciting? Because it reminds us of how great being youthful used to be?

Found a running gear i haven’t used in a long time.

Fastest gear in six years, yet slow by peak performance from a decade ago.

What it means though, is that you are finally on the path to peak performance.


Ran 12 x 200 yesterday morning at the track sidewalk next to the nature preserve.

Felt like a kid again.

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It’s exciting not knowing


Still not sure what this morning’s workout will be. The first 2015 outdoor track meet is three days away. After this morning’s workout, there will be two full rest days before the meet.

While i’m in great shape for an almost 56 (in 12 days) year old, it’s no where near world-class competition level . This means the meet is a glorified workout.

An exciting way to dip my toes in the water so to speak.

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Been To jungle jeff Lately?

Today would be a decent day to venture over to jungle jeff’s blog.


Because today’s message at jungle jeff is very relevant to what Lane 8 is all about.

Setting goals, achieving goals and sustaining those goals.  Modifying or changing our lifestyles to a more desirable, healthier state.

Motivation is the key.  But many people have false notions about motivation, inspiration and even excitement.

Childhood Excitement, Extreme Humility

Childhood excitement and extreme humility.

This is were I find myself this morning.

Flying to Helsinki tomorrow.

The time has come.

Ten years for one minute.

All I ask from myself is this, “Remember why you started this journey and how you got here. Even if you finish dead last, you will always have that”.

Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂