Why slow and steady is the best advice

USAir Paris
USAir Paris to Charlotte, NC

Why is slow and steady the best advice? Because set backs and challenges are always going to appear when you least expect it. Pushing too fast and expecting too much too soon sets us up for good reasons to quit.

Was in Paris the past week and what I thought would happen, didn’t. What I didn’t think would happen, did…

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Still In Pain?

Injuries and pain can make exercising a challenge.  No brainer, right?

Well, I’ve been dealing with injuries for five years now.  Guess you could say, “It’s the cost of doing business”.

I hate to complain, because complaining is fairly unproductive. There is one instance that I’ve discovered where complaining actually is effective.

If it causes you to do something positive about it.  This is a tough one. Misery loves company. Another no brainer, right?

So, saying that to ask you this, “How many times have you exercised this past week”? Carpe diem!