Walked so we could write

Disney's Boardwalk Resort
We walked to Epcot yesterday, an off-day for exercise. Button is intentionally in photo.


Epcot Innoventions West
Our destination.


After Lectoring (and Cheryl served as EMHC) at 8:45am Mass, our son and i visited Epcot for lunch and to write. Day 31 of an epic 365-day writing challenge.

All told, we walked three miles. A nice break from running.


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We Walked To Japan

But we took Disney’s monorail from Disney’s Flagship Resort…

From Epcot’s Spaceship Earth, we walked to Japan for lunch…

And then back to Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa for a song or two…

Probably walked three miles total – great exercise. Oh, and we stopped for ice cream in Future World…

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While We’re On The Subject

Yesterday’s post included photos from Disney’s Epcot Theme Park in Orlando, Florida – my home for the past 27 years. When we moved to Orlando, from Washington State, I told Cheryl the goal was to live within five minutes of Disney World.

Our first apartment – 18 miles away.

Our first home – 30 miles away.

Current residence – one mile away.

Guess where we work?

What does this post have to do with health and wellness? Everything. Balance and doing what you love.