Ready, Fire, Aim

Walt Disney World Steam Train
One child looking at another.

Ready, Fire, Aim

Before you go any further, ask yourself some honest culture questions.

If you are unable to answer yes to every question, you should rethink your motivation.

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Stop piling it on

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Stop piling it on

Do an inventory of your business book collection, business email subscriptions, self-improvement Facebook pages you’ve liked, and people you follow on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Quit buying employee engagement business books you’ll never read.

Quit listening to podcasts.

Quit reading blog posts.

Quite surfing LinkedIn and Twitter for the next employee culture nugget.

How much organizational culture information do you need before you can convince yourself you’re confident in your employee culture convictions?

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Fear is a Liar

Disney's Boardwalk Resort back courtyard
Disney’s Boardwalk Resort back courtyard.

Fear is a Liar

We admire legendary corporate cultures. Companies like Apple, Harley-Davidson, Southwest Airlines, and of course, Disney, come to mind immediately.

If we are honest with ourselves, would we say, deep down, we’ll never be as good.

i mean, seriously, how could we possibly create an employee culture that actually manifests itself as organizational vibrancy?

We can’t.

And we believe the script we tell ourselves.

What if i challenged you to .think .differently?

To imagine being able to draw up cultural blueprints; to architect a foundation that you can’t wait to show and tell others about.

This book illustrates the four foundational employee engagement building blocks for world-class corporate culture.

It’s just a dream and a drawing, but guess what?

Now you have a drawing.

You never had a blueprint before.

You’re welcome.

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The Law of The Happy Employee

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We ate lunch at Japan.

The Law of The Happy Employee

As a generally true statement, a happy employee stays with an organization.

Why would you leave if you’re happy?

An employee who stays with a Company gets good at what they do.

Would you pick the surgeon who’s done the procedure 50 times or 500 times?

Happy employees who are good at what they do project a good external service quality perception to your customers.

So far so good?


The million dollar question many never ask let alone answer is, “What drives good internal service quality, which drives employee happiness?”

Was your answer instantaneous?

Are you still thinking?

Of course the answer is obvious.

The answer is leadership.

Ask yourself, “I know this to be irrefutable, but is it a conviction that is backed up by my daily actions?”

To know is to do. To know and not do, is to not yet know.

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Employee Engagement Category

Walt Disney World Steam Train
Walt Disney World Steam Train.
Walt Disney World Guest Buttons display
Guest buttons designed to increase Cast to Guest interaction. Why? Because it exploits our ability to deliver on the Guest’s four key drivers.

Become the Employee Engagement Category

Lead the category or be the category?

Striving to lead your industry isn’t entirely bad if you’re okay with waiting for someone else to beat you to the next breakthrough.

Why does that sound ridiculous?

Why is it important?

Because some ridiculously important (some would say game-changing) events have happened, are happening now, and will continue to happen.

It’s called disruption for a reason.

Waiting for a disruption can destroy an organization (and sometimes an industry).

Instigating a massive change has the potential to create a hybrid, competitive immunity and have your competition scrambling to recover.

Remember how the music industry let Napster reinvent music file sharing?

Music executives got blind-sided.

As if that wasn’t enough, the music industry never saw a computer company coming either.

Apple, iPod, iTunes, and now, Apple Music.

Apple is a category of one.

The music industry had their chance to become the category.

Kodak had their chance too, but they held so tightly to film, they suffocated themselves.

How does this train of thought affect Disney?

Since 1923, we (Disney) have honed our culture; the Disney Employee Culture that has grown increasingly admirable in the world’s eyes.

A culture by design, not a culture by default.

A culture that works for you rather than against you.

A culture that has been carefully architected over the decades.

A culture worth defending.

By everyone in the organization.

This book shares two sets of four tactics each for how to create an organizationally vibrant culture.

The reason for vibrant cultural health is analogous to the benefits of vibrant personal health.

No brainer.

Hard work.

Totally worth the effort.

Now enter seismic economic, world, and technology events that test our core cultural foundation. If ever there was a compelling reason for a strong, vibrant culture, it’s for when an unpredictable crisis hits.

In 1992 we began experiencing a massive disruption in the way we led our world-famous culture.

No one else felt it though.

We were alone.


It was self-imposed.

Let that sink in.

It was self-imposed.

Performance Excellence, as we called it, would take our great culture and offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do something unheard of in a company our size – take our tried and true leadership paradigm and turn everything upside down.

Literally turn it upside down.

i’m convinced the only reason it worked was the fact we had time-tested cultural structure and processes, by design, in place that allowed for what seemed impossible to be highly probable.

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