It’s always easy

North Carolina Mountains


(photo: first glimpse from our friend’s back porch)

There was time yesterday morning for a 30 minute run before dropping our son off at middle school on the way to the airport.

It would have been easy to skip the run because we left the house at 8:00am.

It’s always easy to skip a run when our day starts early. Always.

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Sorry, I Couldn’t Just Spell It Out Yesterday

Lots of things shouldn't be done, because they're unsafe. This includes spoon feeding answers.

Often as a parent, I insist on our son telling me the answer to the really important issues. If he can’t tell me what I believe is crystal clear and blindingly obvious, then he doesn’t understand it yet. And telling him will not help him understand it. Ever.

Insight: Telling an answer only lets people know it. It rarely helps them understand it. Knowing and understanding are not the same. Period.

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Don’t Complicate Things

Simplified or Paralyzed?
Simplified or Paralyzed?

One of the secrets I’ve learned is that it’s better to simply get started and do, rather than worry and wait.

Yeah, at risk with a business card as “unprofessional” as this is that people won’t take you seriously.

However, what’s also at risk with some really slick, professional business cards is they will also get neglected, not because they aren’t professional, but rather because they’re boring.

Many people think if they do things a certain way, then everything else will fall into place.

Maybe. If you work for an established organization.

And maybe if all the critical tools and resources – marketing, legal, human resources, community relations, public relations, media relations, finance, advertising, hiring, organizational structure, vision, mission, brand, etc – have long been established.

Maybe, but, if you’ve ever dreamed of being an entrepreneur, you are in for a rude awakening.

Same goes for health.

Here’s to hoping your phone never rings in 2010 with this, “Honey, it’s for you. It’s your wake-up call.”

Skipping Is Easy

Skipping a day of exercise is an easy thing to do.  In fact, it’s actually one of the easiest things to do.  How do I know? Because I did it yesterday.

It was easy.

Just don’t go to the gym.  How hard is that?  It’s not.

However, the intent was to pick up our son at school and head to Gold’s Gym like we commonly do.  The reason I really wanted to go is because I hadn’t been in four days.

Too much time in between workouts does several things:

  • Too much rest negates previous efforts
  • Too much rest makes us lazy
  • Too much rest makes it easier to skip

Skipping a day of exercise is an easy thing to do.  When it comes to taking care of yourself, are you an example or a warning?