How about this for a pill?

aging and attitude
They are 100+ years old and talk like they are 17.

How about this for a pill?


Drinking 6 ounces of water when you awaken.

This becomes easy to accomplish if the night before you ensure you’ve got bediside water ready for morning.

Reflected yesterday, talking with one of the gransdmother’s, that daily pills are rarely missed but drinking enough water seems elusive for many.

Treat staying hydrated like taking pills and see elusiveness disappear.

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Can “bad” habits be changed without even trying?

New Years Eve 2015 on television
A quick photo on New Years Eve from the TV.


“I can’t”.

What’s the most common excuse we tell ourselves and hear others say?

By chance, circumstances from a recent 10-day trip dramatically reduced the coffee and soda consumption.

With the help of a few doses of ibuprofen for headaches, have cleared the hurdles. Coffee and soda free is so amazingly liberating.

Have been drinking one to two gallons of water a day for a decade or longer. On top of coffee and a diet coke. Thank goodness for indoor plumbing.

Be well.

It’s your responsibility.

Knowing this is not enough.

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