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Sitting is the new nicotine


Sitting is the new nicotine.

Think about the epidemic proportions of today’s lifestyles.

Meanwhile, woke up at 3:00am sick and sweaty.

Could be altitude sickness.

Just realized my hotel sits at 7,530 feet.

Took two Advil, drank 12 ounces of water and figured i’d wake up at 5:00am good to go.


Slept until 7am.

Very rough and concerning start to first day in Bogota.


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Numbers, numbers, numbers

Cardiovascular disease remains the number one what?

Cardiovascular disease facts
Cardiovascular facts are just that… facts.


Why does he or she fuss over exercise, eating well, and sleeping decently?


(blinding flash of the obvious)

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Buzz Worthy?

The End Of Illness?

The warehouse storage room for daily common sense applications is almost empty.

Last night on ABC evening news David Agus, MD’s new book, The End Of Illness, was a featured segment. David is the person Lance Armstrong, Ted Kennedy and Steve Jobs trusted to help them extend their lives.

His premise is that good living is the cure for illness, not some yet to be discovered cure. Prevention through healthy living. This could be groundbreaking (*grin*).

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Wow He Seems So serious

Today, all I suggest to you is to watch this short jeff noel, One-Take-You Tube video. It’s from June 20, 2009:

Just keep saying this to yourself, “If not today, when?”