Need Help Not Giving Up?

Do 3 Things To Stay Motivated

Message from a potato chip bag in Salt lake City airport Quiznos shop…

Top 3 things to do to stay motivated:

  1. Track progress
  2. Plan ahead
  3. Play games

Next 3 days, I’ll share a few motivational tips on each.

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Ever Think Like This?

Not Sure What To Say

You Got Green Lights For Exercising
You Got Green Lights For Exercising

Will you be exercising today? You know, walking, jogging, biking, rolling, swimming, yoga, gym, yard work, or any other derivative?

I’m really not sure what to say when I encounter people who don’t do anything to promote their physical health.

I feel guilty. Is that crazy?

What do you think?

Ok, I said what I wanted to say. Now it’s time to head to a quiet place and pray for additional guidance.