Wellness Challenge 2011

An Iowa Marriott front desk brochure…

Wellness used to be a buzz word in corporate health care initiatives. Wellness implies living a well balanced lifestyle.

Lane 8 is a health, wellness, fitness, diet, exercise, well-being blog. A way to teach Chapin about the fundamentals. And to provide inspiration for staying motivated for lifetime wellness.

Chapin and I began running one-mail-box a day recently.

Join us in this wellness initiative. Just jog, very slowly, one mailbox a day for the first week.

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Dear Readers, Thank You

We can train ourselves to pause for important things…sunsets, our health…

How important is your health?

Thank you if you clicked through for the first time, simply because you were unaware.

You know, there are those that have clicked through from Mid Life Celebration, saw Lane 8 as a diet & exercise blog, and bailed.

Regulars and newbies, any thoughts? Maybe you see something I don’t.

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