Any path you choose will have too many roadblocks

Going to the Sun Road repaving
Learn to deal creatively with roadblocks.


Any path you choose will have too many roadblocks.

Accept it as part of life.

Learn to deal creatively with roadblocks.

And have faith that some detours will lead you to discoveries that alter the course of your life in transformational ways.


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Detours are necessary

Team Disney Building at Walt Disney World
We often work on the weekends too. Try not to make it a habit.


Not a fan of going to the gym on a Saturday. But without yesterday’s workout, the week would have yielded only one gym workout. Flex when needed, but try not to need it.




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The never ending battle with things that make us want to quit exercising

Florida ant hill next to residential road
Trying not to make mountains out of molehills (or ant hills)


Exercise may take an unplanned backseat today. Being down a parent, early morning cable service call, and an early morning school rehearsal have all come together to a head.

The cable appointment is the ringer.

These are the things that never go away. And the things we must fight a never ending battle with – to avoid quitting.

And so it goes.

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Everything’s Great Until…

Bank On It! I Am.
Bank On It! I Am.

Cliches. My friend claims a saying doesn’t reach cliche status until it is universally accepted as “truth”.

“Everything’s great, until it’s not.”

Managing our motivation to exercise and diet is one thing. Staying healthy is a completely separate category.

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