80-and-go approach from Disney

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So edgy, it’s inspiring. Did you read Mik’s one-sentence bio?


In a few days on June 1, i’m mixing up the typical blogging process of writing about what i learned yesterday, what i get to do today, and what i hope for tomorrow.

Probably for the entire month of June, and maybe beyond.

No promises.


It’s the 80-and-go approach.



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Intentionally not doing it on the weekends

Disney's Animal Kingdom parking lot


(photo:Row 58 in Disney’s Animal Kingdom parking lot… not everyone lives to see 58. And of those who live that long, how many weekends in a row have they avoided exercise?)

Fourth weekend in a row intentionally not exercising. No running. No Gold’s Gym.

Doing nothing has never felt so amazing.

Insight: Our wellness plans ebb and flow. But only if we refuse to quit.

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