Do we need to push harder and more creatively?

Disney World's Textile Services Hotel laundry plant
Arguably one of the most mission critical operations at Walt Disney World, the Resort Hotel laundry plant.


Do we need to push harder and more creatively?

Sent a local executive an email yesterday (Saturday) with a sole purpose – to gently “push” him to reconsider his postponement of a two-day leadership engagement.

Waiting until the new year “when current workload should subside” would be better, right?

Just like the current work load was unexpected, this is likely to keep happening and January could get pushed back to Spring. And so it goes.

By the way i respect what he did.

But here’s the underlying life truth, there’s rarely a better time than now.

What about Family members, people we love and cherish, should we push them or do we hope that after decades of physical neglect they’ll magically find the time?


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The cross i bear from a lifetime at Disney…

Lane 8 on College Track
Lane 8 is a metaphor for life. To become the slowest of the fastest.


The cross i bear from a lifetime at Disney is that i thoroughly understand how to articulate a clear, concise, and compelling personal (or corporate) health vision, but struggle with sounding like a radical, over-zealous know-it-all.

And not only do i understand the recipe, i have used it successfully so many times, it literally makes me ill that others make excuses for not following it.




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BFF with denialism?

Disneyland Passes collection


(photo: Having fun and busy schedules are a great distraction from committing to a consistent wellness regime.)

Most if not all of us have a long history of denialism. It’s a comfortable coat we wear, even when we aren’t cold.

We eat because of all the stress in our life and food provides comfort.

And this comfort causes weight gain discomfort which starts the cycle all over again

Gained a few pounds the past five days while at Disneyland.

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On The Run?

Not as in running, jogging, sprinting.  On the run as in a hurry.

Spent four days in Anchorage, Alaska and did not exercise.  Not by choice.

Got back late last night early this morning.  There is no exercising this morning either.  Five straight days without exercise.  I feel the pain of everyone who struggles to make physical wellness a priority.

There is no easy way.

Well, actually, there is an easy way – simply don’t worry about it until the phone rings, “Excuse me, it’s for you.  It’s your wake up call”.