Maybe It's Impossible

Heck yeah I’m tired

inspiring signage at LAX
my classroom job is to have C-suite folks rethink, and reimagine


Heck yeah I’m tired. Ran two miles in the dark this morning. Taught at Disney all day – burning the candle at both ends.

At least I ran. At least the client’s (President of North American division of multi-billion dollar global company) expectations were exceeded. At least I’m in bed early. And at least the brand promise didn’t get snuffed out (if I finish the other three blog posts after this one)…

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Day To Day

Our daily grind does one of two things

Founding the Montessori teaching system must have been exhausting… and inspiring…

maria Montessori

How boring was yesterday’s post about foot pain? Our daily grind does one of two things:

  1. Exhausts us
  2. Inspires us

Taking life one day at a time is so much more fun to learn from. Real life, in real time. That’s all we have.

Insight: Invest heavily in inspiration.

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Day To Day

Every Day Is The Same

Don't Let Your Spirit Become Hard As A Rock
Don't Let Your Spirit Become Hard As A Rock

Wake up.

Find the will power to do what needs to be done.

This will continue until we die.

We can not be perfect at this, but we can be excellent.