First time in tee shirt in six months

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Nice and easy yesterday. A few hours later, a gym workout.


First time wearing a tee shirt (to run) in six months. i knew it was coming. It arrives within a three-week window every year – a chilly morning. And by chilly, below 70 degrees.

About two miles into the 8-miler, the tee-shirt came off – too hot. Made it home before sunrise. If you note the last mile (71 minutes…i forgot to stop the timer) and the time at the very top, the run concluded around 7:10am.




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How Are Your 2010 Health Goals?

What Motivates Them?
What Motivates Them?

Are your 2010 Health and Fitness goals still burning inside you?

Or has the fire of your resolution started to cool?

Or maybe there’s a feeling of being somewhere in the middle – not on fire and not ready to quit, but stuck.

Today, simply by looking around you everywhere, you will see that the hardest thing to do is to be a great example.

Why is that?