Yes or no wellness

Apple Watch fitness screen
Slow, easy 24-mile, two-hour ride within our subdivision. Made several calls and rode hands-free for 99.5% of the time.

Yes or no to wellness?

This could be one of the of the most ridiculously obvious answers in history.

Pro tip: answer yes or no with your actions – what we see you do.

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Diversity makes the world go round

Disney Institute Keynote Speaker
Diversity of perspective is a core Disney value. i use it in my personal life with the same enthusiasm and expectation.


Be open to many points of view.

Be open to many belief systems.

Embrace our inalienable right to personal freedom of choice.


And this is huge…

Whatever it is that you believe in, believe in it with everything you’ve got.

It may take years, decades even, to hone your convictions – never tire in your journey.

Enjoy the ride.

And keep an eye on the clock.

PS. i personally believe that our body is the temple housing everything keeping us alive. To do anything that inhibits, obstructs, or destroys my temple should be corrected as soon as possible.

No one is a saint. No one is perfect. But all of us have the choice to pursue excellence.


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This website is about our BODY. To read today’s post about our SPIRIT, click here.

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Day to day time pressures reveal two things about our wellness

Comfort zone quote
From Facebook and it appears the author is unknown.


Day to day time pressures reveal two things about our wellness:

  1. What we believe
  2. How much we believe it

This can be a painful realization that the voices inside our head are feeding lies to our soul (which impacts our physical health). At least it was like that for me when i started spending more time in self-reflection (1999).

Here’s to hoping you’re feeling great about your first thoughts and if you’re not, please forgive yourself. You deserve forgiveness. We all do. And it starts with us forgiving ourselves.


And maybe forever.

The long way is the shortcut.

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If someone asked us this question, would we be happy with our answer?

Children watch their parents and subconsciously learn values
This was 2009, now our Son is almost as tall as me


If someone asked us these questions, would we be happy with our answers? Do we exercise regularly? How long has it been like that?

You know, I don’t ask these types of questions to stimulate our guilt, but rather to stimulate our conviction.

The photo was taken moments before driving to the airport. After a decade of slow and steady exercise, I astonishingly represented the USA at the Masters Track & Field World Championships in Finland.

And now in 2013, 14 years after reCommitting to health, I’m still running.

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