Walked one hour, talked two more

Howe Ridge fire 2018
Howe Ridge fire began eight days ago, directly across Lake McDonald and our VRBO Cabin.


Walked one hour, talked two more.

As we prepare for an epic Glacier National Park trip in five weeks, we occasionally find time to walk together – behind Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

Getting ready before any trip is good.

Getting prepared for a week in a place like Glacier National Park, which will be in some degree of fire threat, is Magical.

Two Disney guys that met and worked together in 1990 before, during, and after Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resorts opened.


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An unplanned epic run

Running near Orlando homeless
She “lives” on the sidewalk in an affluent part of town. See center left on sidewalk.


Everything is connected. Visibly. Invisibly.

Whether we stop to think about it or not.

Four miles into yesterday’s run, this was the second photo taken. A “rear-view mirror” image so to speak.

Have bought her a meal before, when she “lived” by the gas station.

Meanwhile, the run became epic. Longest in 30 years.

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Mental attitude and physical wellbeing are blood relatives

runner falls at lake Sheen Estates, Orlando, FL
Jogged past the truck, never saw anyone sitting in it


runner falls at lake Sheen Estates, Orlando, FL
Gloves are so easily replaceable, it’s ridiculous to worry about it for a even a second


runner falls at lake Sheen Estates, Orlando, FL
Thankful it was only a brush burn and not a broken arm, shoulder, wrist, etc


runner falls at lake Sheen Estates, Orlando, FL
The fall destroyed the front glass


Mental attitude and physical wellbeing are blood relatives.

Jogged yesterday morning. Tripped and fell hard on the sidewalk. Brush burn on hip, hurt left shoulder, ripped holes in both gloves (it was 45 degrees in Orlando), and smashed the new iPhone 5s.

Jason, the Terminix driver, shouted as I lie on the ground, ‘Are you okay?”

It took a few minutes, but the attitude went from:

  • let’s sue for damages and neglect to…
  • thank goodness this wasn’t a car accident and no ambulance/hospital is needed

When we are balanced, we detach from old, societal habits quickly.

The peace and joy we gain is beyond the ability to articulate.

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