Lane 8 Digestive Health

Lunch in Finland
Lunch in Finland

When do we think about our long term outcomes – from the food choices we make this week?

Um, well, uh, like never.   Right?

Most of us can’t or don’t want to see that far, because it’s too much work. Or, we won’t give up today’s pleasure and convenience for tomorrow’s payoff – good digestive health.

Our son told me last Friday on the drive home from school that he had a “confession”. He doesn’t really like the bread (double fiber) we use to make his lunch sandwiches.

Grateful for the truth, but now what?

So last night on the way home from a doctor’s visit, I stopped to get some food items, including a different kind of bread, but with the same digestive goal – high fiber.

Blogging about health enhances accountability and increases motivation. Are you working on that too?

If not you, who?  If not today, when?  Seriously. Enjoy your lunch.

True Confession?

Jack In Lane 8, In Finland
Jack In Lane 8, In Finland

If you promise not to call me names, I’ll tell you my true confession. Promise?

Since August 2009, I’ve gained nearly ten pounds.

New readers may not know that after ten years of focused effort to bring my health metrics in line, I had the honor of representing the United States in the 2009 Master’s Track and Field World Championships, in Finland.

So now that the big goal – the motivational carrot – is no longer in front of me, I’ve digressed.

This happens to everyone.

The gift from all of this?  It has increased (if that’s even possible) my conviction that an impossible goal is the only one that will work.

Have you ever thought about that? I mean the impossible goal part?

Then perhaps we can journey and endeavor together, to make 2010 a great and healthy year. Who’s in?

Weight Gain or Weight Loss?

Gain Weight?  Loose Weight?
Gain Weight? Loose Weight?

Weight gain, for most people is depressing and demotivating.  Weight loss, for most people, is delightful and motivating. And of course, there are always exceptions to this.

I know much about both weight gain and weight loss. Most of us do.

January is the time of year that typically marks the beginning of a short-lived resolve to either gain weight, or lose weight.

Every January at Gold’s Gym Orlando, I point out to our son (9), “See all these people?  How crowded it is in here?  In about three weeks, it’ll all be back to normal.”

Tomorrow, I’ve got a confession.