Perhaps an old trick

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Perhaps an old trick.


Train like you are back in High School sports.

In January you start training for Track.

You compete mid-March for two months.

Take mid-May through mid-July off.

Start summer camp in early August for Fall Football. First game is usually after Labor Day and season ends in mid-November.

In those down times you do not become a couch potato, but you do ease off of the intensity.

All told you go about 5.5 months hard for Track, back off 1.5 months before Football, go 3.5 months hard again for Football, then back off the final 1.5 months of the year before Track resumes in January.

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Learn How To Pace

Traveled To Finland For 400 Meters
Traveled To Finland For 400 Meters

If you want to practice discipline, there are many ways. Mostly though, it requires an inspiring goal. You’ll need to figure out yours.

And if you don’t have one, then what? Consider yourself in a very exciting time – a time to work tirelessly until you’ve got something that makes you cry it’s so good.

I don’t like running 5k’s or 10k’s because they’re too far. No, seriously. Hard to believe, but I prefer 400 meters – 57 seconds or less, and you’re done.

Run a 5k or 10k at a leisurely pace? Preposterous! The primal, competitive urges overtake any rational ability to run slowly.

It is what it is.

Learning pace take practice, determination, and patience.  Great news though, these skills are transferable to every other aspect of our lives.