Why neglect them as if they don’t exist?

Homer Simpson quote on quitting


(photo: We take our cues from the Herd – shame on us… you saw the Homer Simpson quote in the photo, right?)

At their core, exercise, proper nutrition, and adequate rest – these things make perfect sense.

Why neglect them as if they don’t exist?

And we are talking about a lifetime of neglect.


If it wasn’t for exceptional health, life right now would be crushing.

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To Know Is To Do, You Know?

Reading helps us know. Doing allows us to understand.

Knowing doesn’t cut it. Doing is the only measure of our understanding. (profound) To know is to do. To know and not do is to not yet know.

Insight: We create epidemics and major unhealthy trends when we ignore common sense (don’t text and drive, get regular exercise, spend less than you earn…).

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Mid Life Celebration Preaches Common Sense, Focus And Discipline

Fight Fat: Easy, Healthy Fast (sure, I'll believe that - except for the easy & fast parts)

Be thankful that we are not gullible in midlife. Right? Fight fat: Easy, Healthy, Fast. Are you kidding me? Who gets to write this stuff? If fighting fat were easy and fast, well, would two-thirds of our nation be overweight? Go. Fight this with common sense, focus, and discipline.

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So You Think You’re Fast

Okay, so now my eyes are bigger than my stomach. And I think with a little focus, and a pair of track spikes, I can knock 5-7 seconds off my time of 62.5 seconds for 400 meters. Wow, if I could knock 5-7 seconds off, I’d be one of the Nation’s best age-group 400 meter runners.

This is a train wreck waiting to happen. Can you see where it’s going?

You have to remember, my feet haven’t seen track spikes in 25 years. Foretelling.

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