How Much Is Enough?

Physical time and resources are always scarce

biking near Disney World
Last night, heading to dinner near Disney University.

Physical time and resources are always scarce.

On a 1-10 scale with 10 as high, how physically bold are you planning to be in 2019?

Counting the score from MLC, how close to 20 are you?

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Dear Son

We began jogging two mailboxes a day this week

College recruitment poster at high school
Yesterday, at High School – college recruiting is a big deal there.


We began jogging two mailboxes a day this week, our third week now since starting this journey on Halloween. The first two weeks were one mailbox a day.

Reminded the High School freshman that we will look back on these early days and be thankful and mindful that “slow and steady” is an unbeatable strategy – as long as we stay with it.




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Looking For Creative Ideas?

Funny Things Those Resolutions

Gyms Will Be Packed the 1st Three Weeks In January
Gyms Will Be Packed the 1st Three Weeks In January

Is life really difficult, or is it just me?

We work so hard sometimes, and what do we get?


No thank you. No atta girl, or atta boy. No, “Hey, we really appreciate what you do around here”.


As you make your New Year’s Resolution for better health, be mindful of this.

And find a radical way to overcome it.

Nothing you’ve done in the past has worked.

Go for it. Be crazy creative. You deserve it. Thank you for getting prepared.

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Tell Me Again About Lane 8

What is Lane 8?  I’m sort of confused about Lane 8.

Okay, Lane 8 is about the physical gifts we have been given – our body and all the things that make it work.

How we take care of it is our responsibility.  No one else.  Ours!  We own it.  Or not.

At 50, I’ve found that taking care of this “gift” is increasingly more challenging.  As we age, if we get that privilege, we experience things that no one talks about with any decent wisdom.

Part of my vision at Lane 8 is to help people make common sense, common practice.  And, um, oh yes, one other thing – to help people not only get motivated and reach a great health goal – but to stay there.  That’s the key.  Staying healthy.