Dear Son, if one can happen so can the other – bank on this

United Kingdom at Epcot sidewalk chalk art
We can make anything more beautiful with just a few special touches


Dear Son,

Until Winter’s International trips to sub-freezing temperatures, a sub six-minute mile was easy. Like a walk in the park. At will. On demand.

Today’s run will attempt to do it for the first time in several tries.

Setbacks happen.

Son, so do comebacks.

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Never be okay with giving in to “it’s not worth it anymore”

Mile split for Master's runner
Three weeks of travel to freezing locations throws things off a bit


Excuses are a dime a dozen and it’s easy to walk around with a nickel’s worth.

Be okay with getting detoured, but never be okay with giving in to “it’s not worth it anymore”.

Note: Aimed for sub-six-minute mile. Prior to the three week stretch, able to do it ‘at will’. Not yesterday.

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