Be yourself

colorful umbrellas at the beach
What kid wears a shirt at the beach? Note: not talking about SPF shirts. Those didn’t exist in the 1960s.

Be yourself.

You grew up in small town America.

Well, actually, you grew up outside small town America, in a subdivision of 24 homes.

Summers were your favorite Pennsylvania season.


Because you loved the heat.

And you loved being barefoot and shirtless as a kid.



You are no different now. Except for barefoot. Your chronic foot pain requires constantly wearing shoes.

Have you ever seen a 60-something dude living a shirtless life?

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What happens when we arrive where we used to be?

Apple Watch screen shot
Yesterday’s track workout covered many miles for a sprint workout.


What happens when we arrive where we used to be when we were younger?

We get all giddy. Right?

And why is that?

Is it because it’s exciting? Because it reminds us of how great being youthful used to be?

Found a running gear i haven’t used in a long time.

Fastest gear in six years, yet slow by peak performance from a decade ago.

What it means though, is that you are finally on the path to peak performance.


Ran 12 x 200 yesterday morning at the track sidewalk next to the nature preserve.

Felt like a kid again.

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Childhood Excitement, Extreme Humility

Childhood excitement and extreme humility.

This is were I find myself this morning.

Flying to Helsinki tomorrow.

The time has come.

Ten years for one minute.

All I ask from myself is this, “Remember why you started this journey and how you got here. Even if you finish dead last, you will always have that”.

Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂