Lane 8 Hypocrite

Lane 8 Hypocrite?
Lane 8 Hypocrite?

Maybe. Maybe not.

On January 5, 2009 my Family Physician wrote a script for a routine colonoscopy, since this is the year I turned 50.

Well, here we are, almost January, 2010 – a year later.  No colonoscopy.  Not even scheduled yet.

How in the hell can that happen?

Simple.  You already know, don’t you?  We get busy.  Distracted. Paralyzed – with the fear of making a commitment.

So, please know I ain’t perfect.  Big dreamer?  Absolutely.  Perfect?  No way.

But if you look at the batting average, it represents a decent overall “practice what you preach” reality.

How’s your batting average?

Power In The Impossible

What’s the power in the impossible?


Yesterday, in a casual conversation, a friend mentioned that 90% of humans, if given the chance to transform themselves into something better, would not do so.

Can’t assure you this is a valid statistic, however, I’m using it here to illustrate a simple point. Even if the statistic is incorrect, there is something we can all agree on.

Most people (no matter the exact percentage) are afraid of change. Period.

And yet change is the only constant. Period.

What does this mean to you?  Probably nothing, unfortunately.  Why? Because 90% reading this are afraid to change. Most won’t think the impossible is possible.

Gold’s Gym Was Packed Yesterday

My son and I went to Gold’s Gym yesterday.  It was packed.  That’s great to see.  Yet even though Gold’s Gym was crowded, the people exercising represent such a small portion of the population.

When I drive to and from work, or on errands, there are occasional joggers along the way. Again, a small portion.

Maybe the ones who exercise regularly are missing the boat.  Perhaps they are the crazy ones.  Wasting their time on the frivolous pursuit of a sound body.  Not a perfect body.  A sound body.

Wasting their time and energy by rearranging their schedules to make exercise fit.  Passing on “delicious” foods, or skipping second helpings, in an effort to practice healthy moderation.

What’s wrong with that small portion of the population?  What a bunch of self-indulgent individuals.  They remind me of the people on the airplane who put the oxygen mask on first, before offering to help the person next to them.