He’s not lazy and he’s not rich

Five guys laid six pallets of mulch yesterday in 90-degree weather. Talk about a workout.

There was a day when i did all of it myself.

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Did the Pilgrims Exercise?

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

This made me laugh when the thought came to mind, “Did the Pilgrims exercise?”

Next thought was, “Who cares, right?”

And then, “Their whole life was exercise.”

And finally, “How selfish is it to live a life of ease?”

Ya with me?

It’s Completely Up To You

What you do today is completely up to you.  Always has been.  Always will be.

Yes, everyone has obligations that must be attended to.  Yes, there are things that come up unexpectedly – and sometimes these events are tragic.

Yes, it’s difficult.  Yes, it’s overwhelming.  Yes, it’s confusing, frustrating, painful and on and on.

Thank you for listening.  You may have thought this was written for you.  Well, sort of.  Mostly though, I write to myself.  So, please don’t take offense to the tone.

If we can’t talk honestly and openly with ourselves, we probably can’t with anyone else either.  And even more than Halloween, that scares the heck out of me.