Like You Were Asked Yesterday, Are You Stepping Up And Being Recognized?

Each daily victory is a stone in our path to well being (Finland ’09)

Yesterday reminded me, and hopefully you, we need to impress and inspire ourselves.

If all we do is stack one more day onto the pile of days we haven’t quit, we win. Congratulations.

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Dear Son, You Impress Me With Your Effort And Inspire Me With Your Desire

Dear Son, you impress me with your effort and inspire me with your desire.

A special message for the rest of you, as my Father-In-Law says they used to say in WWII (Germany) if they heard a strange sound at night: Advance and be recognized.

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You, The CEO Of You INC, Are You Having Fun Yet?

As the CEO of your life, you have an amazing opportunity to overcome what every human has to overcome – life. Figure it out. That’s what we must do each day. Figure it out.

The past few weeks, been spending some time at the pool, trying to figure it out.

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Dude, You’re Going To Lose Readers If You Aren’t Nicer

People understand they are fully responsible for their health. Yet some need specialized or professional help. I’m not remotely qualified for that. Assuming if you read these blogs, you are capable to lead yourself on the long, hard journey to:

  1. Dream big health goals
  2. Get to those goals
  3. Stay as healthy as you can until you die

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