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I Run To Set A Healthy Example
I Run To Set A Healthy Example

Trying to keep from going crazy is a full-time job, with the pressures of today’s economy and all that.

Running helps me maintain perspective and balance.

Leaving here in a few minutes to drive to Windermere, Florida for the ninth annual Run Among the Lakes 5k, which starts at 8:00AM.

It’s a short drive.  Tiger, Shaq, Ken Griffey Jr, and a host of other famous people live there.

My very first 5k ever was this race, back in 2004. Shooting to break the 22:10 from my inaugural 5k.

More later.  Gotta go. Stay healthy, have fun….stay healthy, have fun….stay…..


Tiger Woods Update?

Tiger Woods was on the local news last night as I was reading, writing, and enjoying the laughter, chatter, and sometimes tension between my son and his “cousin”, as they played a few feet away.

Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer I’ve ever seen.  He’s a Dad just like me.  We go to the same gym, for the same reasons.

But do I have an update on Tiger Woods?  Not a chance.

I once asked Tiger Woods, “Do you ever get tired of being famous?” Without hesitating, he replied, “Since day one.”

It’s beyond my comprehension why others worry about what happened with such urgency and importance.  And it confuses me why we don’t, generally speaking, have the same concern and focus on the people that mean the most to us.

PS. Heading to the gym today for the first time all week.  Maybe Tiger wants to talk to me. Yeah right.  🙂