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Happy 40th Birthday Walt Disney World

Disney Celebrates Everyday
jeff noel & Son @ Magic Kingdom 2011

Happy 40th Birthday Walt Disney World. We can rest assured Disney is celebrating this magical milestone in some extraordinary way.

Ever wonder when and how we celebrate our own health and wellness milestones? Pausing to think about Disney World’s birthday today reveals our own lack of celebrating in extraordinary ways. Opportunity awaits in October.

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June 8, 1959 = Lane 8

June 8, 1959.   A 50-year milestone.


Some people never reach this milestone.

Some reach it just once in their lifetime.

Others, a rare few, reach it twice.  I contemplate the saying, “Be careful what you wish for”.

Not sure about wishing for 100 years.  But I am sure about wishing for this……..

I wish for, “Peace in my soul.  Joy in my spirit.  And Love in my heart.  For all my family, all my friends, and especially all those people less fortunate”.

Carpe diem.  Seriously.  jeff noel  🙂