Pain Recognition And Management

hiccup remedies
Last night a HS sophomore holding his breath and drinking water upside down. Hiccup cure.


Do you ever get unexplained and unexpected pain anywhere in your body?

What do you do about it?

Wait, right?

Wait and see if it goes away, stays the same, or gets worse.

Then depending on which of the three happens, we move on to the next step.

For the record, unusual and recurring (a month) pain in left pointer finger. From pull-ups at the gym? Random arthritis?


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How Much Damage Do Unimportant Distractions Cause?

Wanna be good at anything (say motivation), practice, practice, practice.

How much damage do unimportant distractions cause? Remember practice and energy from the past few days? The reason these are critical is because they help us develop the habits of focus and discipline – the origin of all longterm success.

Insight: Nothing can substitute for practice and energy.

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