Besides Diet & Exercise

Oh, and one more thing – more important than the rest.

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So easy to get distracted… ridiculously easy… insanely easy (do. not. do. it.)


Any fitness choice will involve five key basics:

  1. cardio
  2. strength
  3. flexibility
  4. nutrition
  5. rest

Oh, and on more thing – more important than the others.

A goal (aka motivation).

Say, to be an example rather than a warning.

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She said…

travel exercise
Road warriors find little time to exercise

Yesterday at the bank waiting to close a home equity loan, the bank representative and I were catching up (our sons are 11). She said, “I see you running all the time on 535. You can tell you really love to run”.

Pausing, and considering whether I should say it or not, I finally did, “Maggie, here’s the thing, there are many days where I don’t feel like it at all. Really!”

Does the most common excuse for exercise begin with, “I can’t find the motivation”, or, “I can’t find the time”?

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Dear Son

A Weird Blog Post Category – Dear Son

A brilliant example of how you save not only a pet's life, but maybe your own as well.

Dear Son, one of the greatest compensations in life is that you can not help another without actually helping yourself. As I help you, it helps me. As you help others, it helps you, and so on…bank on Life’s Ripple Effect.

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