Mickey’s Cast Fitness Center?

Mickey's Cast Fitness Center sticker
Mickey’s Cast Fitness Center bumper sticker caught my eye in the Disney University parking lot a couple days ago.
Cinderella Castle on busy day
Cinderella Castle on a busy spring break day, earlier this week. Love that the Partners statue is visible.
Disney bathroom article
A Disney Fan sent this. We’ve been doing this for decades…no mirror above sinks. Last week this was “newsworthy”.

Mickey’s Cast Fitness Center?

Way back in the day (1982), i was the Lead at Little Lake Bryan – now called Mickey’s Retreat – an expansive facility for Cast Members to enjoy outdoor activities with their Family and friends.

Whether your employer provides a facility or not, you have to be the one to decide to get and stay active (for a lifetime).

Best wishes.

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Surprisingly joyful, out of nowhere

West Orange County trail system under construction
West Orange County trail system under construction near Disney’s Magic Kingdom.


Disney University lobby floor icon
i always stop for a drink of water here when running through Walt Disney World property.


Long-time Disney Cast Members
Left to right: me (30 yrs) Bob (44 yrs), Dale (35 yrs), Inez (42 yrs).


Walt Disney World opening Day Cast Member name tag
Bob was there on opening day, October 1, 1971, which means he was hired before WDW opened.


Map My Run screen shot


Surprisingly joyful, out of nowhere. That’s what happens sometimes. In miles five and six above, you’ll notice the pace slowed to a crawl while i talked with not only three Cast Members i worked with in the 1980’s, but also three Disney Institute Cast Members i worked with last year.

My three Contemporary colleagues have 44, 42, and 35 years respective service at Walt Disney World. Then there’s me, a pup, with only 30.




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