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The Second Month

Lane 8 Wasn't Even A Dream Yet
Lane 8 Wasn't Even A Dream Yet

Same thing, kept adding an additional mailbox each week, so after two months, it was a very slow jog for 800 meters.

The third month I began adding an additional 400 meters (quarter mile) to each week. Meaning the third month looked like this:

  1. First week = 1,200 meters
  2. Second week -= 1,600 meters (1 mile)
  3. Third week = 2,000 meters
  4. Fourth week = 2,400 meters (1.5 miles)

It took ten weeks to reach 1,600 meters, a mile. A VERY slow mile.

Who’s got the patience to wait 2.5 months before they can finish one mile?

Looking For Creative Ideas?

Blog Comments & the BFO

It Took A Month To Go Around Once
It Took A Month To Go Around Once

Ever heard the acronym, BFO?

BFO……. Blinding Flash of the Obvious.

Wanted to mention the obvious, because it may not be. Blog comments add a rich thread to the social media conversation. In fact, yesterday, David left a comment that also included a website called c25k.  It proposes that you can go from couch potato to running a sub-30 minute 5k in nine weeks.

Sound too good to be true? You’ll have to decide.

When I started running 11 years ago, I jogged, very slowly, to my neighbors mailbox that first day, and did it four more days that week. The second week, I ran past the first mailbox to the second and did that for a week. The third week, ran past the first two mailboxes to the third. Did that each day for a week. Mailboxes are 100 meters apart.

So it took one month before I was running 400 meters, the equivalent to one lap around a track. A month. Are ya with me. The second four weeks…. (to be continued).