Some Days We Don’t

My "Excuse" Was Traveling All Day
My "Excuse" Was Traveling All Day

Do you beat yourself up when you break your promise to exercise? To eat healthier? To get more sleep? Human nature probably.

Or, simply overestimating our schedules and failing to plan for the inevitable unexpected things – life.

I went 0 for 3 yesterday. How’d you do?

Got big plans for today?

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How Are Your 2010 Health Goals?

What Motivates Them?
What Motivates Them?

Are your 2010 Health and Fitness goals still burning inside you?

Or has the fire of your resolution started to cool?

Or maybe there’s a feeling of being somewhere in the middle – not on fire and not ready to quit, but stuck.

Today, simply by looking around you everywhere, you will see that the hardest thing to do is to be a great example.

Why is that?