Yesterday’s boredom

Disney toys on a rock
Changes what you see, eh?

You handled yesterday’s boredom well.

Love how you took what was happening (boredom with routine) and channeled it into something that didn’t feel like work.

This is how you find a million ways to stay motivated….be willing to flex when it is appropriate. It is almost always appropriate.

Note: This is me talking to me.

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The Top Reason Why Most People Quit Exercising

Experimenting with bread mold conditions is no different than experimenting with boredom conditions.

The main reason we quit exercising is simple and obvious. Boredom.

The antidote? Find a million ways not to. Yesterday morning’s run had a predictable route, but I didn’t feel like going the whole way and turning around. So I was going to take a shorter route to get the job done quicker – minimize the boredom…

…but decided to explore a route I’d never taken. Had the longest run in five years, and wasn’t bored for a moment.

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