Health Is Wealth

Having a healthy body weight doesn’t guarantee wellness any more than…

Sand Hill Crane stretching leg
Being flexible is good, especially in nature


The challenge with wellness is that the external signs are nearly impossible to hide. This adds even more stress to an already stressful situation, no?

Having a healthy body weight doesn’t guarantee wellness any more than a healthy bank account can guarantee happiness.

Money can’t buy us love, but it sure takes care of a lot of ills.

Reasonable BMI can’t guarantee wellness, but it sure takes care of a lot of ills.

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Health Matters

The Saturday night Mall population walking by has a much lower BMI

Apple Store iPhone 5C display
Apple Store Mall of Millenia, Orlando, Florida


Mall of Millenia. Orlando, Florida. Saturday night 8:30pm.

Apple Store visit to repair iPhone 5 – screen anomaly.

With 30 minutes to wait, found a nice seat and fired up the Mac. By the way, the next earliest Genius appointment is 72 hours away, so Saturday night it is.

Can’t help but notice the Saturday night Mall population walking by has a much lower BMI than what I observe in airports during the day.

Travel is way less optional than Saturday night Mall walking – just like activity is way less optional than sitting around at home.

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Health Matters

12 Reasons You May Not Be Losing Weight

Some Are Good, Some Are Bad
Some Are Good, Some Are Bad

Everyday Health is a great resource for health, diet, exercise and wellness article, like this one on 12 reasons you may not be losing weight.

People I’ve known for years don’t think I need to worry about this.

I worry about it every day, which is why it looks like I don’t.

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Numbers, numbers, numbers

How Much Fat?

Fish Are Friends, Not Food?
Fish Are Friends, Not Food?

Do you have passion? I mean, passion for your health.  Do you have it?

Most don’t.  How do I know?  Because I’m a wellness expert. As Malcolm Gladwell points out in his best-selling book, The Tipping Point, anyone who invests 10,000 hours in a specific area will become excellent at it.

So, how do you define passion?  How about FANATICAL?  Does that work for you?

Every chance we get to get a glimpse at our health numbers, we should fanatically do it.

Like three days ago at Gold’s Gym. Free body fat percentage testing. Free. Can’t beat that price.  Took less than one minute.

Sixteen percent.  Anything under 19% is considered excellent. Bet you have no clue, and you have no clue because you really, deep down inside, don’t want to know.

How do I know?  Wellness expert.  Remember?


Lane 8 USA Obesity

This Dude Is 50
This Dude Is 50

Once again tonight, the TV was on while I was in the vicinity, doing the evening things American families do. I don’t sit and watch TV, unless it’s American Idol, and even then it’s iffy.

But Diane Sawyer was talking about First Lady Michelle Obama announcing big plans to fight childhood obesity.

Childhood obesity? Are you kidding me!!!!  For real?

How the hel heck is that possible?

We all know why, and there’s an old saying that proves this “fact”.

“The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

The best way to help our children is to help ourselves. We adults are in for the fight of our lives, if we really want to be a great health example. And if we don’t have the fight of your lives….

Then our children will.

How does a person live with that?  Seriously.  How?

Is Idol on at 8pm or 9pm tonight?