What happens when you reach the finish line?

pool water temp app
Yesterday the pool water hit 90 degrees. Earliest (March 30) date ever to reach 90.


What happens when you reach the finish line?

You automatically reach another starting line.

This post concludes the 8th consecutive year writing five daily, differently-themed blog posts (on 5 separate sites), without missing a single day.

Tomorrow, the starting line for year nine.

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A hiking we will go

Prolific Disney bloggers jeff noel
Yesterday about 11am.


(Photo: courtesy of Dave Weir, using my other backup iPhone)

Thank you Dave and Nancy Weir for being a great catalyst.

Doubtful i would be blogging from Exclamation Point without your passion to get out and hike.

Hiking for a few hours at Chimney Rock was a great substitute for running.

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Why milestones help us

Florida Black Widow spider
Some prescriptions help prevent death – like diet and exercise


Why do milestones help us?

Why be intentional enough to pick a special day versus any day?

Because what we are embarking on is something that will be with us for the rest on our lives.


The other thing begun in April was running.

But that goes back to 2000.

April 15, tax day, to be exact.

And in 2000 there was not as powerful a connection to storytelling as there was in 2009.

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Lane 8 Travels Again

Lane 8 is on the move.  No, not to a Master’s Track and Field Meet.  Good guess though.

Traveling to give a speech.  That’s what I do.  I’m a professional speaker.

Actually, I’ll speak anywhere to anyone, as long as it’s something I’m passionate about.  Church, Parenting, Children’s Religious Education, Boy Scouts, Home Owner’s Association, Master’s Track and Field, Wellness, Fitness, Health, Mid Life Celebration, Impossible Goals, Blogging, Social Media, Social Networking, Addiction, Behavior Modification, Gardening.

So anyway, until social media policies are better defined, it is incumbent on employees to do their best with the interpretation of general guidelines. There are so many employees who where out ahead of corporate social media policies.  So now, these companies have to play “catch up” to reign in what was never defined.

This will take some time, and companies are being decently patient, by allowing their employees to make the changes that the new guidelines call out. Facebook, LinkedIn, My Space, Blogs, Websites, You Tube, Flickr, Posting Comments, Chat Rooms, personal email – the list is endless.

It’s smart business if you ask me.  And just like anything else, including our health, the sooner we start, generally speaking, the sooner we see results.