The pressure is on when it’s just your responsibility

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Randomly stumbled upon this video via a friend’s Facebook update. i believe in Global Warming. i also believe in maintaining an ideal body weight. Both may seem impossible. So why do so many fight for Saving the Planet but not themselves? Because the first requires all of humanity, the second only you. That’s too much responsibility for most.


Should we be suspicious of people who worry about global warning, but aren’t doing anything about their personal health? And i’m not talking about Neil, i’m talking about you and your Family, and all the people in your community.

And the notion of not doing anything means that if we don’t see results, then effort isn’t being applied well enough.

Will your annual physical (you do it every year, right?) this year reveal a picture of great health?


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Is this a form of medicating and distracting ourselves from actually doing the work

Las Vegas excuse
Our life results revolve around hiding behind excuses… or not.


We love hearing from and seeing people share inspiring stories of other people.

Facebook is full of stories and quotes from others about someone they know or admire from a distance.

This ought to challenge us because these are often like a drug.

One great quote lasts us just long enough to get to the next.

Is this a form of medicating and distracting ourselves from actually doing the work of being an inspiring story?

We either exercised yesterday or we didn’t.

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Staring into your mirror, what do we see?

jeff noel at Magic Kingdom's Casey's Corner
Take a good hard look (like that’s ever gonna happen)


Staring into your mirror, what do we see?

In a conversation yesterday someone adamantly and negatively critiqued a leadership group as not practicing what they preached.

And without trying, an immediate question, “Has this accuser ever looked in the mirror? They are the antithesis of health and wellness. And yet they claim health is critical”.

So bloody obvious it almost chokes me.

Since then, been staring into that mirror, scouring for my blind spots.

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