Buzz Worthy?

Can we blame this on exercise?

Disney's Space Mountain from Disney's Contemporary Resort observation deck
Boldness has genius in it. We know this.


Does our physical activity make us more vibrant, more passionate, and more optimistic so that impossible things don’t mean impossible forever?

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What's Our Obligation?

Dear jeff, Blame Yourself When Things Aren’t Going As Well As You Hoped

Where the heck is the mirror in this place...

When things are going well, a great leader will look out the window and point at all the people who are making it happen, but when things aren’t going well, a great leader will point to the person in the mirror.

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Common Sense Is Elusive

It’s Time To Get It Checked

I Think He Thinks I'm Crazy
I Think He Thinks I'm Crazy

Fear keeps us from doing many of the common sense things we know we should do.

Well, fear, and a busy schedule.

But maybe we create a busy schedule to hide our fear, so we can blame our procrastination on our self-imposed “hiding”.

Friday morning. Me. The Doctor. Right calf.

Let’s get this thing figured out.

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