jeff noel’s Fitness Secret

Dude, Lane 8 is part of my identity…even in Finland…

jeff noel’s fitness secret is simple. The secret to fitness is having it become part of who you are. Part of your style, your personality, your way of living.

Personal wellness and life balance is what you do without thinking. A habit. A privilege. A treat. A blessing.

Looking at it any other way sets you up for failure. Sure, there will be days when it’s a chore, but so are a lot of things, even those that give us the greatest pleasure.

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She Felt Trapped

Finland 2009

Ever feel compelled to tell a stranger your story? She said she felt trapped. Trapped inside her body. But her Uncle gave her an epiphany, and her Doctor gave her hope.

Kayla did the rest.

I think Kayla said she wants to lose 197 pounds total. If you’re newer to this health blog, you may have missed the premise, “If you’re goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough“. Good luck Kayla!

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