Think small when it comes to your health

Epcot Food and Wine Festival 20th
Eating, drinking, working, family, socializing, tv, chores – a long list of distractions.


She did the Couch to 5k and it worked for her. She had never been a runner.

As our conversation progressed (we had just met five minutes prior) she shared what a struggle it is to juggle her schedule.

The bottomline, she is no longer running.

So in essence, the Couch to 5k failed.

Think about it.

She had a short term goal – a big goal relative to her past history – to do something she never did before.

Her long term goal should have could have been to never again be inactive.

Never. Again.

That happens one small day at a time.




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Setbacks are gifts even if they don’t seem so

Filed near Tibet Butler Nature Preserve
A few days ago looking north. The far tree line behind the five sticks, shades the sidewalk i use as a track.


We are given setbacks to keep us honest.

Yesterday’s track workout was the first in 11 days. And this morning is day nine of a 10-day Amoxicillin prescription.

To lose 11 days speed training with two big track meets in the next two months is a decent setback.

Am grateful it wasn’t from an injury, which might make competing in Nationals and Worlds out of the question.

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In A Perfect World, Spreading Our Energy Evenly On Life’s Big Choices Would Be Easy

Balance, In Nature, Happens Naturally

The thought of having to balance five big life choices instead of two. This is a different model than the traditional two-sided work-life balance mindset. And knowing how difficult it is to (try) to balance only two, comprehending how we could balance five is absurd. But this is what jeff noel proposes, what jeff noel does (pretty well, not perfectly) and what noel thinks the world ought to consider.

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