Disney’s Shared Roadway

Yesterday riding home from Magic Kingdom, one of my favorite Disney roadsigns.

It’s likely that the shared roadway sign is for the North Services Area.

Since 1984, i have been bicycling through Walt Disney World (WDW), mostly as a way to get to and from work.

These days, kinda the same thing.

i can work from anywhere and i prefer WDW over just about anywhere, except Glacier National Park.

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Two trips around the equator have been ridden on a bicycle

Florida alligator in Golf course waterway
Permanently moving to Florida in 1984 we had one car, yet two jobs – rode bike 36 miles round trip each day


Disney's California Grill and Magic Kingdom Castle
Eventually had a 30-mile one way ride from 1st home to this hotel in 1985-87


To what extent and to what motivation do we owe our glorious physical activity as a young adult?

Reflecting back on the fact that the equivalent of two trips around the equator have been ridden on a bicycle in this lifetime.

Bike riding began the summer of 1979 living a few hundred miles from home in New Brunswick, New Jersey on the Rutgers campus.

Old car broke down, no money to fix it – left abandoned and never saw it again.

Rode that old Sears 10-speed 30 miles round trip – New Brunswick to Scotch Plains – everyday to work.

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Lane 8 Motivational Flashback

Last weekend, I met with a great friend I’ve known for over a decade. He’s really smart and asks the best questions. Plus, he’s a great listener.

Long story short:  While I was sharing the story on my 1982 cross-country bicycle trip, he came to a realization, and so did I.

When I said cross-country, the original intent was from one coast to the other. But for a variety of good reasons, it didn’t happen the way it was envisioned.

And for a moment, it started to feel like maybe I was misrepresenting the truth, and I questioned myself.

In summary, Derrick Redmond, an Olympic 400 meter runner, may tell people he ran in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, but that may not be the “truth”.  You owe it to yourself to watch this, and then ask and answer the question that follows:

So, did Derrick Redmond run in the Olympics?