As if Baby Boomers need a reminder for this physical BFO

The Grinch who stole Christmas
Elementary school play on a Friday night after working 6am-5pm


First Baptist The Singing Christmas Trees
A Christmas traditional, The Singing Trees, after working all day Saturday


As if Baby Boomers need a reminder for this physical BFO – blinding flash of the obvious:

Use it or lose it.

Our body houses everything that keeps us alive. It thrives on exercise, good food, and rest.

Only ran two days in the past seven. Grueling holiday schedule. Everyone has the same list of excuses.

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Exercise BFO?

How Much Is Too Much Or Not Enough? What Is Balance?
How Much Is Too Much Or Not Enough? What Is Balance?

Ever have paradoxical thoughts swimming around in your cranium for several days?

Maybe you exercise too much. Maybe not enough. How do we ever know what the right balance is?

The paradox is that time is the currency. You can pay now, or pay later.

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Blog Comments & the BFO

It Took A Month To Go Around Once
It Took A Month To Go Around Once

Ever heard the acronym, BFO?

BFO……. Blinding Flash of the Obvious.

Wanted to mention the obvious, because it may not be. Blog comments add a rich thread to the social media conversation. In fact, yesterday, David left a comment that also included a website called c25k.  It proposes that you can go from couch potato to running a sub-30 minute 5k in nine weeks.

Sound too good to be true? You’ll have to decide.

When I started running 11 years ago, I jogged, very slowly, to my neighbors mailbox that first day, and did it four more days that week. The second week, I ran past the first mailbox to the second and did that for a week. The third week, ran past the first two mailboxes to the third. Did that each day for a week. Mailboxes are 100 meters apart.

So it took one month before I was running 400 meters, the equivalent to one lap around a track. A month. Are ya with me. The second four weeks…. (to be continued).

BFO, eh?

Had a Quiznos sandwich yesterday in Salt Lake International Airport.   The Sun Chips bag had a BFO on the back:

Big changes can come from small steps.


Big Changes from Small Steps
Big Changes from Small Steps

It’s amazing, to me anyway, that this sort of logic is repeated over and over and over in our media.

While I’m far from perfect, and certainly not the brightest bulb in the pack, I do know that common sense, when it becomes common practice, can yield amazing results.

Make it a GREAT day!  It’s up to you.  Always has been.  Always will be.

BFO, eh?  Blinding flash of the obvious!