Day to day time pressures reveal two things about our wellness

Comfort zone quote
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Day to day time pressures reveal two things about our wellness:

  1. What we believe
  2. How much we believe it

This can be a painful realization that the voices inside our head are feeding lies to our soul (which impacts our physical health). At least it was like that for me when i started spending more time in self-reflection (1999).

Here’s to hoping you’re feeling great about your first thoughts and if you’re not, please forgive yourself. You deserve forgiveness. We all do. And it starts with us forgiving ourselves.


And maybe forever.

The long way is the shortcut.

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Both Belief And Visualization Can Be Learned And Improved Upon

Time together, without distractions has been invaluable.

Dear Son, that recent Cub Scout camping trip we took with the Boy Scouts was the moment of truth in terms of visualizing the future in a much more positive place than we currently are. I was unaware of how you felt about your future. Together, we will move slowly and steadily to rewrite it.

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