The great summer of 2012

What to do when you’ve not exercised in years and years…

take the stairs
take the stairs is a popular never produces long term results (know why?)

This is one of the most basic rules of engagement when a person begins an exercise pledge and routine. Go slow. Really slow. Sissy slow. You’ve got nothing to prove to anyone else.

PS. I’m not kidding.

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How Much Is Enough?

My Advice On Going From Zero To 60 In 2 Days?

It's not like the Olympics are this weekend.

Been following a close relative’s renewed desire to lose weight and start exercising. She asked for advice. Seems after day 2 of her exercise routine she got chills and other not so good side effects (flu-like symptoms).

My advice, slow down, way down. You should not do 30+ minutes on the treadmill plus 20+ minutes on a bike in you first week. What’s the rush? I hope when this posts in 90 days that there’s good news.

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