Common Sense Is Elusive Day To Day

Does A Person Get Used To It?

Who Will Be His Role Model If Not Me?
Who Will Be His Role Model If Not Me?

This morning, I’m questioning why I place so much thought and effort on exercise.

Maybe it’s wasteful.

Maybe, if I’d wait long enough, I’d get used to not exercising, and used to feeling no where near a healthy, well-rounded human being.


Did Ja?

After reading yesterday’s Lane 8 blog post, did you think long and hard about your health?

Let me guess, “No.”

What motivates you at work?  At home?

What demotivates you at work? At home?

You can use your answers to figure it out.  And that’s the bottom line isn’t it?

Figure it out!

No one is going to hold your hand.  You are an adult, fully and completely responsible for your health.


Late yesterday, I was on the phone with a great friend. We spoke for nearly 30 minutes about really significant, life “stuff”.  He’s a great listener, and he allows me to verbalize dreams, goals.

I dream of you being healthier than you are now. And doing whatever it takes to be your catalyst for positive change.

Almost 51, I practice what I preach.  Take a look. This was two days ago. How many 51 year olds can do this?



We Do Forget
We Do Forget

What is wellness?

Wellness is the overall balance between life’s four big decisions:

  1. Mind
  2. Body
  3. Spirit
  4. Money

Many think balance is only two-sided.  You know, personal and professional balance.

This is where people have a huge opportunity. Life is four, not two.

This is why so many people struggle.  Why so many fail.

Being good in three out of four doesn’t deliver balance, happiness, or peace.

Balance Defined
Balance Defined

Lane 8 Celebrity?

Yes, and it’s not Tiger Woods.  Then who?

Jack the bear.

Jack the bear?

Yes.  Jack is our son’s teddy bear.  Our son (9) has three of the exact same bear – all gifts from family.  Fischer Price made this bear years ago, and on his collar, Fischer Price named him Jack.

Jack was my Dad’s name.  My Dad never met our son.  He passed away from early onset, rapid progression Alzheimer’s disease in 2001.

Anyway, our son lets me travel with the one with the torn ears.

What started as a cute little idea to help me feel connected to our son while I travel the globe, has turned into something a little more.  Jack is starting to report on his impressions from some of these places.

Here’s a quick one from Mexico. Take a look:

What does this have to do with exercise, fitness, health and wellness?  If I have to explain it, it won’t make sense, but it revolves around balance – the whole person, not just the body.


Did You Get Enough Rest?

Did you get enough rest last night?

Rest is way under-rated.  Have been struggling with this one for about two months. This is unusual, because I focus very hard on rest.  It’s one of our critical success factors in staying in top form – mentally, physically, spiritually, and even financially.

First the trip to Finland, followed by two solid months of very busy travel schedules.  And with the World Championships under my belt, there was no looming big, motivating goal.

Bottom line, we all have to figure this out.  If we don’t, we are doomed. It’s a vicious cycle.  Always has been, always will be.  But you already knew that, right?