jeff noel’s Fitness Secret

Dude, Lane 8 is part of my identity…even in Finland…

jeff noel’s fitness secret is simple. The secret to fitness is having it become part of who you are. Part of your style, your personality, your way of living.

Personal wellness and life balance is what you do without thinking. A habit. A privilege. A treat. A blessing.

Looking at it any other way sets you up for failure. Sure, there will be days when it’s a chore, but so are a lot of things, even those that give us the greatest pleasure.

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Is The Mail Here Yet?

Kids mostly spend too much time indoors. Our household is not immune.Searching for a place to begin, I looked for several ingredients:

  • Easy to be successful
  • No travel involved
  • No equipment necessary
  • Didn’t take too much time

The one-mailbox-a-day wellness program that worked so well for jeff noel 12 years ago, as a 40 year old, might also work for a 10-year old.

Anything in the above recipe that repulses you? Put up or shut up – in the nicest way possible.

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Is Rest Under Rated?

Rest sometimes seems counter productive.

Doing nothing could mean we are not advancing towards our goal.

How can not advancing be a good thing?

So we push ourselves.  We compromise.

At least that’s my temptation.

More is better, right?

Well, I’m trying not to make the same mistakes four times, and stay injury free this season.

Yesterday was, and today is, dedicated to rest.

What this also does, is make me hungry for the next workout.

How important is hunger in achieving your goal?

Stay hungry, get some rest, and never let your memories be bigger than your dreams.  Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂

World Record 400 Meters Video Story

Here is the video story of the fastest 400 meters ever run.

It was done at the 1999 World Track & Field Championships, in Seville, by Michael Johnson.

By the way, Michael Johnson currently holds the world records in both the 200 & 400.

While none of us will ever break a world record, we might ask ourselves, “Have I given it my all?  Have I done my very best.  Do I have any regrets?

Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂